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Leysdown Beach.

A traditional seaside resort, Leysdown is an ideal place for the family self-catering holiday.

The old Kingsferry Bridge.

There is only one other bridge of this design in the world. A lifting bridge has always been needed because the demands of the railways which could not cope with the steep inclines on approaches to a tunnel or high span bridge. This bridge was opened in 1960, The bridge links The isle of Sheppey.

The new dual carraigeway Sheppey Crossing opened to traffic on Monday 3rd July 2006. This completes the full upgrade to the A249 between the M2 and Sheerness. It replaces the 1959 Kingsferry Bridge, which was a bottleneck on and off the Isle of Sheppey, and freqently lifted to allow shipping to pass underneath. The old bridge is now relegated to unclassified status but remains open as an alternative to the new bridge, a local route, and also for the railway which crosses the Swale at that point.

Sheerness - The "Capital" of Sheppey, Pepys came here and this is where they brought Nelson's body after Trafalgar.. Walk around Bluetown, and you may witness something quite strange? As Bluetown is named after the old habit of occupants decorating their homes with the blue paint they pinched from their employer, the Admiralty. The curved high street has a quite distinctive clock, and as you stroll you can sense its history.

The Isle of Sheppey is an island off the northern coast of Kent, England in the Thames Estuary, some 46 miles to the east of London.

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