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Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey was built by William the Conqueror to commemorate his victory over Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Just a few photos I took of the way people lived in 1066,Taken at Battle Abbey.

Warriors prepare for battle in training sessions.

The Battle of Hastings was fought on October 14th 1066. In the lead up to the Battle of Hastings, William's men had done considerable damage to the area around Hastings as the Domesday Book was later to show.

1066 is considered one of those dates in Medieval England which is difficult to forget. At the start of 1066, England was ruled by Edward the Confessor. By the end of the year, a Norman - William the Conqueror - was king after defeating Edward's successor, Harold, at the Battle of Hastings. With three kings in one year, a legendary battle in October and a Norman in charge of England, it is little wonder that people rarely forget the year 1066. Many historians view 1066 as the start of Medieval England.

The battle lasted all day but it would be wrong to assume that the Normans had an easy victory. For the first part of the battle, the Normans suffered heavy losses and they only took charge of the battle once the peasant soldiers of Harold had broken down the shield wall that protected them.

Battle Abbey is a partially ruined Benedictine abbey complex in the small town of Battle in East Sussex, England. The abbey was built on the scene of the Battle of Hastings and dedicated to St. Martin.

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